Hockley Valley Coffee Roasters

Using only the highest quality organic coffee beans

Hockley Valley Coffee Roasters
'Your Local Coffee Roaster'

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Deep in a cedar forest in the beautiful Hockley Valley 50 km. north of Toronto, there resides a coffee roaster like no other.

The Valley is home to magnificent private estates and small rustic cottages – it’s home to world famous artists, potters, authors, actors and organic farms. It’s the headwaters for three crystal clear rivers – the Nottawasaga, the Humber and the Credit. The water, the air and the natural beauty of the Hockley Valley inspire every small batch of old fashioned hand roasted coffee that we craft for our customers.

What started as a project to roast a more interesting and flavourful coffee bean for our family and friends, has blossomed into one of Canada’s iconic coffee roasting brands. Discover for yourself how our own passion for a more interesting and fresher coffee experience has produced coffees served by some of the best restaurants and cafes throughout Canada.

If you’re in, or driving through, the Hockley Valley, visit our very own French Press Coffee House & Bistro, and enjoy a fresh roasted, French Press cup of Hockley Valley Coffee. It’s just minutes away, at 121 First St. (next to Booklore), in Orangeville.


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The Darker The Coffee, The Lower The Caffeine
Whole Bean, Not Pre-Ground Coffee
Higher Altitude Yields Higher Quality
Taste Fresh Ground, Organic Coffee, Not Plastic